Преподаю: 9 лет
Ученики: 11/0
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О себе: Hello everyone! I'm excited at the opportunity to help you on your language learning journey. Let's make it fun! I have had the privilege to teach many interesting people like yourself from all areas of the globe. My last experience was teaching and living in China for 5 years (2009-2014)! It was an enjoyable experience, mainly because I got to meet many new people and hone my skills as a teacher as well. Oh, and the food was great too! I have experience teaching in many areas, from teaching Business English to professionals looking overseas for new clients, IELTS to students looking to study overseas, to even grandparents who wanted to learn to talk to their grandchildren living overseas. These diverse experiences have made me adaptable to any situation and not afraid to take on new challenges.
Интересы: - I absolutely love Football. Favorite team: Inter Milan - Traveling - Cooking - Volunteer work in partnership with JW.org.

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