Преподаю: 1 год

О себе: 16 months of experience as an ESL teacher, teach all levels of students. Taught foreign language/young adults, children ages 9-12, and corporate clients. Teach grammar,conversation,pronunciation,intonation,and business English.
Интересы: Hi, my name is Bryna and I teach English to students of all levels in Montreal, Canada. My family comes from Europe, and I have travelled alot in the past. I enjoy meeting and talking to people from different countries and cities from all over the world. I like giving students lessons that are fun and interesting at the same time.I'm sure you will like my class and you will look forward to the next one Conversation is the key to fluency, so please feel free to talk with me about a variety of subjects. I will provide you with the topic, and we can continue from there. I teach employees in companies, and have taught young adults and children as well. In my free time I enjoy going to the gym, doing yoga,dance, walking, visiting family and friends,cooking, and going to festivals and comedy shows. My other interests include travel, languages,architecture,politics,and all the arts. Whether you want to learn business English, grammar, pronunciation,prepare for an interview, do a presentation, or emails, I'm sure I can help you. I'm looking forward to speaking to you soon.