Great Britain
Преподаю: 22 года

О себе: I taught for many years in Hong Kong for the HK Government to students in further education. This was Business English, but I have had experience in all types of areas, across the entire age range. I taught in Cyprus for a year to the armed forces, and also in Portugal and Spain. I now live in the UK, but teach 20 hour courses to French students who come over on work placement. I also provide accommodation for 2 students when a course is running. Qualifications: BSc (English Language) March 2009 UK-TEFL 20 hour Refresher Course August 1990 Linguarama TEFL 40 hour Introductory Course October 1990 TEFL 24 hour Intensive Practical Weekend Course February 1991 TEFL Certificate English Language Centre London
Интересы: I have many varied interests such as going to the cinema and the theatre. I enjoy going for meals with friends and also pub quizzes. I am an avid reader, and I particularly enjoy crime novels! I love animals and I foster dogs who have been abandoned or mistreated, from the RSPCA. In the summer I love to potter around in my garden and I like to grow things too. I also love to travel and I go quite regularly to Dubai where two of my children now live.