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О себе: My experience teaching is varied. I have taught young children, adults, and even seniors. Primarily I have worked with volunteer organizations offering free lessons in a one-on-one setting. I also have experience teaching various topics in English as a public speaker. My personal style is relaxed, personal, and comfortable. I beleive these best environment for learning follows a definite structure but leaves room for your questions and personalized help. I do my best to discern what your needs and take the time to get to know you! Repetition is a critical component of learning. Also transcription will help tune your ear to the speaker, and writing it will employ another sense to enhance learning. These are a few of the teaching methods I will use. There a vast amount of materials available to learn English and other topics in the English language. My goal is to focus on quality, not quantity! Along with written material, pictures are also an excellent aid to understanding. Therefore, any handbook or manual as a source reference will be tailored to you, for your lesson.
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