Преподаю: 5 лет
Ученики: 150/120

О себе: I have been teaching English for 4 years now. My manner of teaching is one of relaxation, having fun and enjoyment. I am a goal setter...I like to set achievable goals for my students, goals based on the skill set. I currently am the managing director of a number of EU-based companies, plus I am the Chairman of a Swiss Private Bank. I also have a number of business interests in the US and I am the CEO of a large advertising agency. My background is venture capitalism, wealth management, marketing and executive management. I have a wealth of experience in all aspects of business so my focus is teaching students to understand what is required by not only speaking and writing great English, but what you can acheive in the business world by trying to perfect your knowledge and use of the English language. I have also thought students who wish to attend university in the UK and the US in preparation for college entry or course exams.
Интересы: I love to read, go for long walks with my family and I love to travel. I have travelled to over 110 countries both for business and for vacation. I like to meet new people, share our experiences and help them whenever I can.